ATNF Large Projects

Projects requesting a total of more than 400 hours of observing time over the lifetime of the project on any ATNF facility are called large projects. For the Australia Telescope Compact Array, Parkes radio telescope, and Long Baseline Array there is no particular fraction of telescope time mandated for Large Projects. All proposals are judged and awarded time on scientific merit. Proprietary periods for Large Projects are the same as for other projects, but early data release plans and waivers of proprietary periods are looked upon favourably.

Submitting a Proposal for a Large Project

Large projects have, in addition to the usual three-page limit for scientific justification, an additional two pages to be used for defining mandatory data analysis and timeline plans, data release plans, and a strongly recommended public outreach plan. Additional figures supporting the scientific justification can be included within the two additional pages if desired.

Unless continuing, or pre-graded, status has been approved, proposals for large projects must be re-submitted each semester, until the observations are completed. The page limit is 5 pages and proposals must each time contain a full science case (and not simply refer to the science case submitted for a previous semester). They should also contain a detailed progress report, preliminary results, information on data release and public outreach. The TAC may choose to award reduced time allocations in cases where a small pilot study is required to show success before a large project can be judged on its scientific and technical merits.

Proposers allocated time for Large Projects are required to provide web pages with up-to-date information on their projects. Please include information on the spectral coverage, spatial coverage, and sensitivity of the observations. For ongoing surveys, regular updates should be provided to indicate the current survey status, including the areas of the survey that have been completed.

A list of large projects is maintained for the benefit of proposers: please advise Philip Edwards of any links to add to this page.


Pre-Graded (Continuing) Status

Large projects are often carried out over a number of semesters. Usually, for Parkes and the ATCA, proposals must be submitted each semester for re-consideration by the Time Assignment Committee. On-going projects can request that the TAC award them "pre-graded" status (previously referred to as "continuing" status). When pre-graded status has been granted, the grade from the previous semester is automatically retained for the following semester. Pre-graded status is not granted for more than one semester at a time as the TAC wishes to ensure that good progress is being made before allocating additional time. It is still a requirement that pre-graded projects submit a cover sheet and an observations table by the next proposal deadline, however a scientific justification is not required in this case. It is necessary to ensure the cover sheet has been updated to reflect the fact that the project has continuing status before submitting.


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