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CSIRO ATNF Data Archives

CSIRO provides access to unprocessed ATNF radio astronomy data taken with the Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA), Parkes Radio Telescope, Mopra Radio Telescope and Long Baseline Array (LBA). Data from these facilities are made available through the Australia Telescope Online Archive (ATOA) and through search forms on the CSIRO Data Access Portal.

For ASKAP the CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive (CASDA) provides access to data products generated from ASKAP observations after processing the incoming data. The data products include calibrated visibilities for continuum data,images and image cubes, and detection catalogues. ASKAP data access is provided through the CASDA web-based search interface and using Virtual Observatory (VO) services.

To get started select the facility or facilities of interest and see the links to archives and documentation in the table below.

For advice on policies see ATNF Data Policies

ATNF Data Archives

Facility Data types Data Archive Service User documentation
ASKAP Data Products: Calibrated visibilities, single-plane images, image data cubes, source catalogues CASDA landing page

search the CASDA archive

CASDA Users Guide

BETA Data Release Notes

ASKAP Data Products: Single-plane images, image data cubes, source catalogues CASDA VO Services
(see CASDA Users Guide)
Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA) Correlated Visibilities (uncalibrated) Australia Telescope Online Archive (ATOA) ATOA Users Guide

ATCA Issue Log
Mopra Radio Telescope Single dish data (uncalibrated)
Mopra Radio Telescope Image cubes (from several major surveys)
Long Baseline Array Correlated VLBI data
Parkes Radio Telescope Single dish spectral line and radio continuum data (uncalibrated)
Parkes Radio Telescope Single dish pulsar data (unprocessed) CSIRO Data Access Portal
Parkes Pulsar Archive
Parkes Pulsar Data Users Guide
Parkes Radio Telescope Pulsar Catalogue Pulsar Catalogue
Parkes Radio Telescope and
Data cubes and spectra from several HI surveys ATNF HI Survey Gateway and Databases See the links from
ATNF HI Survey Gateway and Databases

Getting Help

For all enquiries relating to data access please contact the data support helpdesk by email to ATNF data support. You will receive an automated acknowledgment of your email and a CASS staff member will respond. We aim to provide an initial response within four business hours (Western Australia timezone).

Data Glossary and Links to External Data Services

Here is a glossary and links to external astronomical data services