Director's Discretionary Time ('Green Time') on ATNF telescopes

Each semester approximately 5 - 10% of time is initially unallocated at the Parkes, Narrabri and Mopra Observatories and this is designated as Director's Discretionary Time or 'Green Time' from the colour adopted on the schedules. This time arises from short gaps between scheduled observations and from some longer slots that are set aside for more strategic use such as for NAPA observations and replacing lost time.

Observers who wish to apply for Director's/Green Time should initially send an email to either Jamie Stevens (jamie.stevens(at), for the ATCA, or Stacy Mader (stacy.mader(at) for Parkes, with a brief justification for the time requested, together with a booking in the respective PORTAL system.

Wherever possible please provide at least two weeks notice for the time requested. Because of other constraints, Director's/Green time at the telescopes is not normally allocated more than two weeks before the available time.

In general Director's/Green Time is allocated using the following set of priorities:

  1. The ATNF Director's discretion, and an allocation reserved in advance
  2. Telescope tests and repairs (other than routine maintenance),
  3. Target of opportunity and NAPA observations,
  4. Observations by the Duty Astronomer (Narrabri) or Parkes Support Astronomer (Parkes)
  5. Observations by staff astronomers,
  6. Observations by other astronomers on site at the time
  7. requests for remote observing and other requests

Please note that Director's/Green Time should not be used for observations that have previously been taken, and should not conflict with proposals recently submitted to, or approved by, the Time Assignment Committee.

Please check the the ATNF archive databases for previous observations.



Last updated: 11-feb-2020 (Jimi Green)