VNC Passwords

VNC and observing passwords will be changed at Parkes, ATCA and Mopra every 6 months at the beginning of each semester. The latest password will always be available at the SOC and from the Duty Astronomer.

To allow remote observers to obtain the latest password a web based system has been developed to send a secure URL to their registered external email address.

To use this, one should ssh into and run the program "password-request". This program will allow one to: request that a link to a secure URL is sent to their registered email address; check their current registered email; or request a change to this email address.

Please note that a change to your registered email address will be manually checked and you MUST allow at least a week to update this before your observing time.

Some people  have a registered email address that is not linked to their UNIX account. In these cases "password-request" will not work and ATNF staff will have to manually link the two. Again you need to check this at least a week before your observations.

password-request usage

The "password-request" program is very simple. Initially log into


then run the password-request program. You will initially need to authenticate with your unix password:

venice-101% password-request

Welcome to the CASS observing password request facility. You
can use this to retrieve observing account passwords for the
Parkes, Narrabri and Mopra telescopes.

It will also allow you view or request a change of your
registered external email address.

Press any key to begin (Ctrl-C to exit).
Please enter your UNIX password: ********
Authenticating ...

To request the VNC password, type "1". You will then need to select which email address you want the URL to be sent to:

> 1

Select an account which will receive the verification email:
   1. (*)

> 1

Request submitted. Further instructions sent to

To view your registered email address type "2", and then "2" again if you wish to change it. You will need to supply a new email address and a phone number you can be contacted at (during office hours in Australia):

> 2

Your registered external email address is:

What would you like to do?
   1. Request CASS observering password
   2. Request a change of your registered external email address

> 2

Please enter the email address you would like registered:

Please enter a phone number (for verification purposes):
> 0123456789

Request submitted.