Technology Development at the ATNF

Space and Astronomy engineering research programs focus on developing, and applying, new technology and advanced design techniques to radio astronomy and allied fields.  Expertise within the organization spans a very wide range, from ultra-low-noise millimetre-wave receivers, through the spectrum of digital signal processing, to precision servo control systems.  Significantly, the breadth of activities encompasses both design and in-house implementation capabilities - a strength exploited in internal programs and external contract work.

Engineering Education

Space and Astronomy research and development programs offer excellent opportunities for training at graduate, undergraduate, diploma and trade levels.  As well as PhD and Masters level possibilities, Space and Astronomy operates a highly competitive industrial experience program for undergraduates.  See the information on the ATNF summer vacation Program.

Engineering students interested in "sandwich", or similar, industrial experience programs should, after consulting their course co-ordinators, submit a CV and academic transcript to Tasso Tzioumis, the Program Director for Technologies for Radio Astronomy.  Students interested in diploma and trade courses should check national daily newspapers; most opportunities are advertised towards the end of the academic year.