VLBI Observing with the LBA

In order to make VLBI observations, you must submit an observing proposal to the Time Assignment Committee of the ATNF. Please read the guidelines laid out on these pages before submitting your proposal. This guide will help you in filling in the proposal and offers information and links to information about the conditions for VLBI observing, available telescopes and their specifications and support available. It is also strongly recommended that the VLBI scheduler be contacted prior to application.

Proposed observations, if approved, should normally be scheduled within 1 year of approval. If observations cannot be scheduled within 1 year, the proposal will lapse and will need to be resubmitted for further consideration.

The primary constraint in scheduling VLBI observations is the availability of requested non-AT network telescopes.

From November 2005, all telescope applications to the ATNF must be submitted using the ATNF Online Proposal Applications and Links (OPAL).

For information on using OPAL and how to apply please see ATNF Telescope Applications and the OPAL Home page.

LBA data is archived in the Australia Telescope On-line Archive and is publicly available after the 18-month proprietary period has elapsed. Cover sheets of scheduled proposals are available in OPAL. A search of these is useful before planning your observing proposals.

Additionally, a list of all currently active VLBI proposals and their status is also available.

Details of the VLBI network and conditions for all users are given in the vlbi guide.

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