Status of Active LBA Proposals

This table gives the current list of active proposals in the "pool" for consideration for scheduling in LBA sessions. LBA proposals stay current for one year. Given the oversubscription of the LBA, appearance in this list is no guarantee that the observations will be scheduled! Conversely, absence from this list (for lower ranked proposals) does not necessarily preclude observations from being scheduled.


Ident PI Surname Title of proposal Active until
end of
Status [*]
V252 Ojha Physics of Gamma Ray Emitting AGN 2017APR  
V255 Hyland Astrometric Observation of Methanol Masers: Determining Galactic Structure and Investigating High-Mass star formation 2017OCT  
V329 Loinard The distance to the Coronet Cluster in Corona Australis 2017APR  
V447 Miller-Jones Constraining black hole formation with LBA astrometry 2017OCT  
V452 Chanapote Magnetic field properties at the highest resolution 2017APR  
V454 Marcote On the origin of the gamma-ray binary 1FGL J1018.6-5856 2017APR  
V456 Russell Jet-disc coupling in black hole X-ray binary outbursts 2017APR  
V486 Miller-Jones Mapping the orbit of PSR B1259-63 with LBA astrometry 2017APR  
V492 Ellingsen Methanol towards PKS B1830-211: Testing Cosmological variations in Fundamental Constants 2017OCT  
V513 Gomez Probing the innermost regions of AGN jets and their magnetic fields: LBA 2017APR  
V515 Titov Improving the terrestrial and celestial reference frame through Southern Hemisphere Geodetic VLBI Observations 2017OCT  
V516 Bannister VLBI follow-up of ATCA Extreme Scattering Events 2016OCT  
V518 de Witt Southern Hemisphere Observations Towards the Accurate Alignment of the VLBI Frame and the Future Gaia Frame II 2017APR  
V525 Burns 6.7GHz Maser Parallax of a Particularly Interesting High Mass Star Forming Region 2017OCT  
V540 Gurvits Second-epoch SVLBI visit into core-jet labs in the distant Universe (continued) 2017APR  
V544 Orosz Astrometric measurements of the first water fountain planetary nebula 2017APR  
V545 Reeves A study of neutral hydrogen gas on mas-scale: VLBI spectroscopy of a new intervening HI absorption-line system 2016OCT  
V547 Krishnan 3D Kinematics in G339.884-1.259 at 10 to 1000 AU Scales 2017APR  
V548 Marsh A unique radio emitting white dwarf binary 2017APR  
V549 Reynolds Monitoring of the Brightest AGN Cores with RadioAstron and the LBA 2017APR  
V552 Zaw First VLBI Map of the Highly Variable Water Maser in NGC 5234 2017APR  
V553 Loinard Measuring the distance to the Chamaeleon star-forming region 2017APR  
V554 Duev Calibrating phase-referencing VLBI for planetary missions 2017APR  
V555 Savolainen Proper motion of the newly discovered helical filaments in the M87 pc-scale jet 2017OCT  
V558 Yang Toward a sub-parsec accuracy for VLBI distance measurement of PSR J0437–4715 2017OCT  
V560 Kirichenko Determining the distance to PSR B1727-47 by parallax measurements with the VLBI 2017OCT  
V561 Petrov Revealing milliarcsecond optical structure through VLBI observations of Gaia detected AGNs 2017OCT  
V562 Zaw Resolving AGN Obscuration: Circinus 2017OCT  


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