Status of Active LBA Proposals

This table gives the current list of active proposals in the "pool" for consideration for scheduling in LBA sessions. LBA proposals stay current for one year. Given the oversubscription of the LBA, appearance in this list is no guarantee that the observations will be scheduled! Conversely, absence from this list (for lower ranked proposals) does not necessarily preclude observations from being scheduled. Regular proposals are added to this list when they are scheduled: NAPAs which might be triggered are also included.


Ident Title of proposal PI surname Submitted Notes
V604 Probing the Innermost Collimation and Acceleration Regions of the Centaurus A Jet with EAVN+LBA Tazaki 2023APR  
V610 Probing the Jet Base of M87 in the Time Domain Park 2023APR Scheduled
V611 Unraveling the nature of the Cen A jet: From cm to mm on light-day scales Janssen 2023APR Scheduled
V613 Deep LBA+T6KmUr observations of the radio afterglow of an upcoming compact binary merger Yang 2023APR NAPA
V614 LBA Imaging of Gravitationally Lensed GRB Afterglows Leung 2023APR NAPA
V624 Pin-pointing the origins of Magnetars with VLBI Atri 2023APR NAPA
V627 Very Long Baseline Interferometry of an eclipsing spider pulsar candidate Zic 2023APR Scheduled
V186 Characterizing the corona of AB Doradus Climent 2023OCT  
V252 Physics of Gamma Ray Emitting AGN Ojha 2023OCT Schedueld
V456 Jet-disc coupling in black hole X-ray binary outbursts Russell 2023OCT NAPA
V584 Characterizing Neutron Star Mergers with VLBI Afterglow Observations Deller 2023OCT NAPA
V615 Pinpointing an ultra-long period magnetar Deller 2023OCT Scheduled
V620 Resolving the morphologies of candidate UHzRGs Hedge 2023OCT Scheduled
V628 Probing Gaia parallax zero-points at low Galactic latitudes using VLBI astrometry of radio stars (1) Ding 2023OCT Scheduled
V629 The EMU-VLBI pilot survey - uncovering milliarcsecond radio structures in the Southern sky Radcliffe 2023OCT Scheduled
V630 Zooming in on a white dwarf around a reignited star Yiu 2023OCT Scheduled
V631 Parsec-scale structure of radio sources showing HI-21cm absorption Aditya JNHS 2023OCT Scheduled
V633 Spacecraft VLBI tracking in support of stellar occultations Molera Calves 2023OCT Scheduled
V634 Global-VLBI monitoring of the M87 jet base at 20 Schwarzschild radii with EAVN/EATING + LBA Hada 2023OCT  
V635 VLBI tracking and imaging of the JUICE spacecraft to study space weather Edwards 2023OCT  
V636 VLBI Astrometry of Radio Stars to Link Radio and Optical Celestial Reference Frames: Southern Sky Zhang 2023OCT  


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