The ATNF Steering Committee

The Australia Telescope Steering Committee (ATSC) provides advice to the ATNF Director on the scientific and technical operations of the ATNF. Committee members are appointed by the Minister for Industry.

The ATSC includes three Australian astronomers, three overseas experts and two representatives from the broader community. In addition, there are three ex-officio members (not appointed by the Minister).

Membership of the ATSC to December 2014 is listed below.  * Appointments to be confirmed.


Under consideration



Executive Director, CSIRO National Facilities and Collections -Dr David Williams

Chief Information Officer, CSIRO - Mr Euan Sangster (acting)

Director, Australian Astronomical Observatory - Prof Warrick Couch


Australian-based Astronomers

Prof Steven Tingay, Curtin University

Prof Stuart Wyithe*, ARC Australian Laureate Fellow, University of Melbourne

Prof Mark Wardle*, Acting Director Astronomy, Macquarie University

International Advisers

Dr Di Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences , China

Prof Raffaella Morganti, ASTRON , the Netherlands

Prof Neal Evans, University of Texas at Austin, USA

Broader Community

Mr Noel Wainwright, Lockheed Martin

Dr Susan Barrell*, Bureau of Meteorology