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Astronomical Source Catalogues

A miscellany (or dog's breakfast) of astronomical catalogues, most without any accompanying documentation. Caveat emptor!

ATNF library holdings of CD-ROM/diskette surveys and catalogues

  • CARLSBERG Meridian Catalogue La Palma, 1 CD
  • Digitised Sky Survey :
  • Digitised STScI sky surveys: Pt 1 (South) 61 CDs, Pt 2 (North) 41 CDs
  • Einstein Observatory database of HRI X-ray images, 2 CDs
  • Einstein Observatory catalog of IPC X-ray sources, 3 CDs
  • Green Bank sky maps and radio source catalog (NRAO), 1 CD
  • Guide Star Catalog, Version 1.1 (STScI), 2 CD
  • Guide Star survey sampler (STScI), 1 CD
  • Hipparcos Input Catalogue and HICIS, Ver 1, 1 CD + 2 disks
  • Images from the radio universe (NRAO), 1 CD
  • IRAS Sky survey Atlas: images for ecliptic latitude > 50d (JPL), 4 CDs
  • IRAS Sky Survey Atlas, V., II., Co-added images for entire sky;
  • individual HCON images for |b| < 50d, 2 CDs
  • Molonglo Reference Catalogue of Radio Sources, 1 disk
  • PGC-ROM 1992: catalogue of principal galaxies: Lyon-Meudon
  • Extragalactic Database, 1 CD, 2 disks
  • PKSCAT90: the Southen Radio Databse, V 1.01, 2 disks
  • ROSAT: V. 1 the images (LHEA/HEASARC), 1 CD
  • Selected astronomical catalogues V 1-4 (NSSDC), 2 disks
  • 2nd Epoch Digitised Sky Survey, ?? CDs

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