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5th of February 2015
ASKAP Highlights - Production line of Mk II Phased Array Feeds
by Ant Schinckel (CASS) and the ASKAP team
While ASKAP commissioning continues at the Murchison Radio Observatory with six Mk I Phased Array Feed (PAF) receivers, back at the CSIRO workshop in Sydney pre-production of the first eight Mk II PAF systems is well underway; three PAFs in different stages of assembly are shown in the image above. Each PAFs consists of 94 "dominoes" for 188 dual-polarisation chequerboard elements, which are used to create 36 beams, imaging a field-of-view of 30 square degrees in the sky.
The PAF design process has taken advantage of the long history of engineering expertise at the ATNF supplemented by external skills through industry partnerships.

Job opportunity: Postdoctoral Fellowship in Radio Interferometry Calibration and Imaging (apply before Feb 8)

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