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18th of October 2015
The Parkes 64-m Telescope and Austie Helm
Photo credit: CSIRO
This photo by Davd Moore has the following caption in the CSIRO image archive: "Austie Helm mustering sheep near the Parkes Radio Observatory, Parkes, NSW. - Austie Helm, from whom CSIRO bought the radio observatory site, musters a flock of sheep in the paddocks surrounding the telescope." - The Parkes 64-m Telescope was build more than 50 years ago, but thanks to continuous upgrades of its surface and instrumentation, innovative receivers such as wide-field Phased Array Feeds, and dedicated astronomers from around the world, it continues to do outstanding science.

More images are available in our large collection of CSIRO science images, which includes 70 astronomy images. The whole science image archive currently holds 4127 images and videos.

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