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19th of February 2015
Celebrating the life of Jim Caswell
Tribute by Tim Bedding (School of Physics, University of Sydney)
Tim writes "Everyone remembers their first paper. Mine was Caswell, Kesteven, Bedding & Turtle (1989). Jim was kind enough to include me, a mere third-year student who had made a modest contribution during a winter school at Molonglo Observatory (shown above). I've always remembered his generous approach and tried to emulate it ever since. A wonderful man."

Caswell et al. 1989: G357.7-0.1 - A double-lobed radio source?
The radio source G357.7-0.1 has commonly been regarded as a galactic supernova remnant; alternative interpretations have concentrated on the pronounced brightness gradient along its major axis. Analysis of a new map shows that this brightness gradient masks an even more crucial characteristic - symmetry about the center - the key to a totally different interpretation.

Link: Short biography of James (Jim) Caswell who died Jan 14, 2015

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