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28th of February 2015
Help us find more spiral DRAGNs
by Minnie Mao (NRAO)
In the local Universe, large-scale double-lobed radio sources are almost always hosted by elliptical galaxies. This is consistent with leading galaxy formation models that suggest both elliptical galaxies and extended radio sources are the result of mergers. These models do not allow for spiral galaxies to host large-scale double-lobed radio sources. However, to-date, four such sources have been observed to exist in the local Universe, including the recently discovered double-lobed radio source J1649+2635 (Mao et al. 2015). We call these sources "spiral DRAGNs". - The image above shows an SDSS optical image of J1649+2635 (in red) overlaid with FIRST radio emission (in blue).

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