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2nd of August 2016
Optical and radio astrometry of the galaxy associated with FRB150418
by Simon Johnston (CASS)
A fading radio source, coincident in time and position with the fast radio burst FRB 150418, has been associated with the galaxy WISE J071634.59-190039.2. Subsequent observations of this galaxy have revealed that it contains a persistent, but variable, radio source. Bassa et al. present e-MERLIN, VLBA, and ATCA radio observations and Subaru optical observations of WISE J071634.59-190039.2 and find that the persistent radio source is unresolved and must be compact (<0.01 kpc), and that its location is consistent with the optical centre of the galaxy. They conclude that it is likely that WISE J071634.59 190039.2 contains a weak radio AGN.

Reference:Bassa, C. G.; Beswick, R.; Tingay, S. J.; Keane, E. F.; Bhandari, S.; Johnston, S.; Totani, T.; Tominaga, N.; Yasuda, N.; Stappers, B. W.; Barr, E. D.; Kramer, M.; Possenti, A. 2016, MNRAS Letters, in press

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