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3rd of February 2016
Storm Stow at ATCA
by Helga Dénes (CASS)
The picture was taken on 1 February 2013 at the Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA) while observing neutral hydrogen (HI) in the galaxy IC 1993. IC 1993 is an HI poor spiral galaxy located at the outskirts of the Fornax cluster. This galaxy most likely lost a significant fraction of its hydrogen gas due to ram pressure stripping while it was moving through the galaxy cluster. The observations of this galaxy and five other HI poor galaxies are presented in Dénes et al. (2016). Storms are frequent during the winter in Narrabri, where ATCA is located. Whenever there are strong winds or lots of lightning strikes the antennas need to be in a safety mode to protect them from damage from the storm. When the picture was taken the antennas where in this safety mode taking a rest from the observations.

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