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4th of October 2016
The response of CO to gas accretion in galaxies
by Jing Wang (CASS)
This figure, taken from Cormier et al. (2016), shows the optical image, CO image and CO spectrum for 2 of the HI-rich galaxies from the Bluedisk project. In total Cormier et al. have obtained CO images for 27 Bluedisk galaxies with the IRAM 30-m telescope.They compared the CO related properties between HI-rich and control galaxies, searching for signs of gas accretion. Surprisingly they find that HI-rich galaxies have similar H2 masses as the control galaxies; and the HI-rich galaxies actually have smaller H2 disks (normalised by R25) compared to the control galaxies. The on-going gas accretion hence has not led to an appreciable growth of the CO discs in the sample.

Reference: D. Cormier, F. Bigiel, J. Wang, J. Pety, A. Usero, S. Roychowdhury, D. Carton, J. M. van der Hulst, G. I. G. Jozsa, M. Gonzales Garcia, A. Saintonge 2016, MNRAS, in press

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