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17th of May 2016
Young Tidal Dwarf Galaxies in Nearby Groups
by Karen Lee-Waddell (CASS)
Lee-Waddell et al. (2016) has recently been accepted for publication in MNRAS. This paper is the culmination of a multi-wavelength unbiased survey of the gas-rich dwarf galaxy populations in three nearby interacting galaxy groups.

Gaseous material pulled from close encounters between neighbouring galaxies can produce tidal features that greatly constrain the interaction properties of the system and enable in depth study of this evolutionary process. Tidal dwarf galaxies (TDGs) are distinct from classical dwarfs as the former are created out of the disk material of interacting spirals and accrete negligible amounts of dark matter. These plots show that dynamical masses (ascertained from high-resolution HI observations) can be used to distinguish TDGs from their classical dark-matter dominated counterparts. AGC 208457 and AGC 749170 occupy a similar parameter space as other TDGs found in the literature and are presumed to be tidally formed galaxies.

Reference: Lee-Waddell, K., Spekkens, K., Chandra, P., Patra, N., Cuillandre, J.-C., Wang, J., Haynes, M.P., Cannon, J., Stierwalt, S., Sick, J., Giovanelli, R. 2016, MNRAS, in press (arXiv:1605.04386)

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