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2nd of August 2018
PSR J1119−6127 after its X-ray bursts
by Shi Dai
PSR J1119−6127 is a high magnetic field (high-B), rotation-powered radio pulsar discovered in the Parkes multibeam pulsar survey. Magnetar-like X-ray bursts from PSR J1119−6127 were detected by the Fermi/Gamma-ray Burst Monitor on 2016 July 27, which makes it the first rotation-powered, radio pulsar to show magnetar-like activities. Shi Dai (CASS) has led a team which report in their paper monitoring of the spin frequency, flux density and pulse profile evolution of PSR J1119−6127 following the X-ray bursts, using data taken with the Parkes radio telescope.The peculiar spin frequency evolution is clearly different from what has been observed from magnetars and high-magnetic field pulsars before, and therefore provides us the best case to study the connection between high-magnetic field pulsars and magnetars. The figure above shows the pulsar spin frequency, spin-frequency derivative and flux density as a function of time. Yellow regions show the radio-quiet period after the X-ray burst. Black dashed lines indicate the peak flux density.

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