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3rd of May 2018
Vale Doug Milne
We were saddened to learn of of the passing of Doug Milne last week. Doug joined the CSIRO Radiophysics Laboratory in 1951 and worked in the pioneering development of semiconductor devices, and, later, maser and parametric amplifiers for Parkes. In 1962 he joined the radio astronomy group, contributing to the early Parkes surveys, and developing a major interest in supernova remnants, their polarisation and magnetic fields. His most highly cited publication is A new catalogue of galactic SNRs corrected for distance from the galactic plane, with other notable papers including the discovery of the remnant of the supernova of 1006 AD, recombination line studies of H II regions, and studies of the Vela X supernova remnant. Other papers of interest include designing lessons related to SETI for school children and his recollections (with John Whiteoak) of working with Frank Gardner in the early years of the Parkes radiotelescope. Doug also co-edited Parkes: thirty years of radio astronomy and The Magellanic Clouds (Proceedings of IAU Symposium 148) and served for many years as treasurer of the Astronomical Society of Australia. (Image credit: CSIRO Radio Astronomy Image Archive)

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