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13th of November 2018
An 84 GHz methanol maser in NGC 253
by McCarthy et al.
McCarthy et al. have investigated the central region of NGC 253 for the presence of 84.5 GHz methanol emission using the Australia Telescope Compact Array and have discovered only the second detection of 84.5 GHz class I methanol maser emission outside the Milky Way. This maser emission is offset from the dynamical center of NGC 253, in a region with previously detected emission from class I maser transitions at 36.2 GHz and 44.1 GHz. The emission features a narrow linewidth (∼12 km/s) with a luminosity that is approximately 100,000 times higher than typical Galactic sources. The image above shows integrated 84.5 GHz methanol emission (red contours), integrated 87.9 GHz HNCO emission (black contours) and the 3 mm continuum emission (white contours) with a background image of integrated CO (J=2-1) emission from Sakamoto et al. (2011) on a logarithmic scale. Full results are published in the Astrophysical Journal

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