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17th of October 2018
ATNF Colloquium
Toward detecting cosmic rays at the Murchison Radio-astronomy observatory
by Justin Bray (University of Manchester)
Abstract: Recent work with LOFAR has shown that aperture-array radio telescopes are highly effective at measuring the radio footprint from a cosmic ray interacting in the atmosphere, allowing precise reconstruction of its energy and mass. The MWA, and eventually SKA-LOW, have the potential to improve on these results, improving our understanding of cosmic rays in the critical energy range believed to correspond to a transition from Galactic to extragalactic origin. Such an experiment depends on simultaneous high-time-resolution observations with the radio telescope and with an intermingled array of particle detectors, to detect the cosmic-ray interaction in real time and trigger the storage of radio data. I will describe the development of a particle-detector unit intended for deployment with the MWA and SKA-LOW, along with some of the scientific motivation for this experiment.

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