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24th of July 2018
Reunion at COSPAR
In April 1991 a Space VLBI Work Week was held at Marsfield to discuss planning for the RadioAstron and VSOP missions, both of which were expected to launch within the next few years. As it turned out, the VSOP satellite, HALCA, launched in 1997, and the RadioAstron satellite, Spektr-R, launched in 2011! The COSPAR symposium held last week in Pasadena included a session on "The multi-wavelength view at the universe as triggered by the RadioAstron mission," and provided an opportunity for a number of those present at the 1991 Space VLBI Work Week to catch up. The image above shows a group, gathered around a framed photo of the 1991 meeting, which includes Jim Moran (of Thompson, Moran and Swenson), Dave Meier (author of "Black Hole Astrophysics: The Engine Paradigm"), Joel Smith (former head of the JPL Space VLBI group), Dave Murphy (creator of the FakeSat simulation package), Dave Jauncey (pictured in a ADAP several weeks ago with the Spektr-R antenna), and Yuri Kovalev. The next COSPAR meeting will be held in Sydney in 2020. (Image credit: Carl Gwinn)

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