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11th of January 2019
50th Anniversary of Apollo 8
The Apollo 8 mission was launched on 21st December 1968, returning to Earth on 27th December, The crew of Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, and Bill Anders orbited the Moon ten times. Perhaps the most iconic image from the mission is that of the Earth rising above the lunar horizon – Earthrise. Although this had occurred in the first three orbits, the astronauts were too busy examining the lunar surface to see it. However, in the fourth orbit, Anders was startled to see a glowing blue and white ball swim into view above the lunar horizon – the Earth! As Hamish Lindsay put it in his account of the mission, "This is the picture that first showed Earthlings their fragile but beautiful planet alone in the Cosmos, and changed their perception of their place in the Universe for the rest of time." (Image credit: Bill Anders and honeysucklecreek.net)

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