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16th of October 2019
Pawseys at Pawsey!
Joe Pawsey was not only a pioneer of radio-astronomy in the 1940s, he is also credited with having named this new field of research "radio-astronomy". In October 1945, Pawsey conducted the first successful radio astronomy experiment at the former wartime radar station on the Collaroy Plateau, Sydney. The 74th anniversary of this event was commemorated by three generations of the Pawsey family visiting the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre in Perth. Pawsey, together with Ruby Payne-Scott and Lindsay McCready, observed the sun and found both steady radio emissions, and strong, variable radio emissions that originated from the vicinity of large sunspots. Joseph Pawsey’s son Hastings Pawsey, with his wife, daughter and two granddaughters toured the Pawsey Centre with representatives of the Australian radio astronomy community earlier this month. (Image credit: Pawsey Centre)

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