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20th of June 2019
ASKAP survey of the Galactic plane for dispersed radio pulses
by Qiu et al.
Qiu et al. report the results from an ASKAP survey of the Galactic plane for dispersed single pulses. Radio waves are dispersed in time, with longer wavelengths arriving later, due to their passage through the ionised plasma of the inter-stellar medium. Qiu et al. searched for bright dispersed radio pulses over an area of 4800 square degrees, covered by just 160 ASKAP pointings. The survey resulted in the detection of one fast radio burst, FRB 180430, and single pulses from 11 known pulsars. No rotating radio transients were detected. The detection of a single FRB is consistent with the current ASKAP all-sky detection rate. The results are published in the paper, which is published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. The image above shows the tiling of the galactic plane using a hexagonal footprint for the arrangement of the 36 beams. Each colour denotes a different pointing.

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