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21st of October 2019
ASKAP HI imaging of the nearby galaxy IC 5201
by Kleiner et al.
Kleiner et al. present the results of ASKAP observations of the nearby blue, barred spiral galaxy IC 5201. A four-beam mosaicked HI image cube was created from 175 hours of observations made with the Early Science 12-antenna sub-array, achieving a noise level of 1.7 mJy/beam per channel. Nine extragalactic HI detections are made, which includes 5 new HI detections, and the first velocity measurements for 2 galaxies. The detections are IC 5201, 3 dwarf satellite galaxies, 2 galaxies and a tidal feature belonging to the NGC 7232/3 triplet, and 2 potential infalling galaxies to the triplet. The observations were made as part of the a Wide-field ASKAP L-Band Legacy All-sky Blind surveY (WALLABY) survey.

The image above shows at top-left the ASKAP 36-beam interleaved footprints A (red) and B (blue) of the field with catalogued HIPASS sources as black diamonds. The bottom-left (black) panel shows the four ASKAP beams and beam numbers used in the study of IC 5201 along with the HIPASS sources in the field. The right panel shows an optical image of IC 5201, observed with the Dark Energy Camera as part of the Dark Energy Survey. More details are given in the paper, published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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