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25th of June 2019
ASKAP Commissioning Update for June
by Aidan Hotan
The ASKAP Commissioning Update for June describes the public release of data from the first science test field observed with the full ASKAP array. The Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) fields were originally selected to contain a rich number of extra-galactic sources and have already been observed in several wavelength bands. The first multi-beam observation with the full ASKAP array was of the GAMA23 field in continuum mode with frequency resolution averaged to 1 MHz at the time of data capture. Most of the GAMA23 field fits neatly within two side-by-side ASKAP footprints. These two tiles were observed with the square 6x6 beam footprint over two consecutive nights, for 9 and 10 hours. The observations used a centre frequency of 888 MHz with 288 MHz of bandwidth. Since these were the first wide-field observations with the full array, it took roughly three months to refine the imaging parameters through iterative processing. The resulting images have a typical noise background of 37 microJy RMS, which is very close to the expected thermal noise. With the spatial resolution of the full array we now have 215 million pixels over both tiles, making the image difficult to display all at once! The image above shows a close-up of the second tile, showing a giant radio galaxy in the bottom-right and many others scattered throughout the field.

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