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27th of May 2019
ASKAP total intensity image of Fornax A
This ASKAP image was made from a single beam observation of Fornax A (NGC 1316), one of the brightest radio galaxies. It displays the classic "double lobed" shape that we believe arises from oppositely-directed jets of material being ejected from the accretion disk around a central super-massive black hole. This image highlights ASKAP's ability to detect details in extended, diffuse emission. The image was made from a 10 hour observation at a centre frequency of 944 MHz with 288 MHz of bandwidth. Situated at the Murchison Radioastronomy Observatory, ASKAP has almost no RFI in this band and very little flagging was required. This image was made by Emil Lenc using the CASA software package. More details are given in last month's ASKAP Commissioning Update.

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