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28th of February 2019
CASS Diversity Committee
The CASS Diversity committee was established in 2014 and includes members from all CASS areas. Its mission is to identify, implement, and monitor issues and initiatives around Diversity and Equity within CASS to ensure that all staff are treated fairly and equitably within our workplace. Jane Kaczmarek has recently been appointed as chair of the Diversity Committee, taking over the reins from Michelle Storey and Jimi Green. Jane will help plan, implement and deliver actions aimed at improving diversity and equity in CASS.

CSIRO as a whole will demonstrate that it is diverse, inclusive, imaginative and bold by marching in Sydney's Mardi Gras this weekend with an entry called 'Diversity is in our DNA'. Diversity is in CSIRO’s DNA, and we are all unique and stronger for it. CSIRO's science is diverse – from protecting the Great Barrier Reef and water purification technology, to crease-free cotton and 3D printed bones – and its people are also diverse. The image above shows the special t-shirt designed for the occasion.

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