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3rd of April 2020
The Southern Cross, and radome covers!
The screen shot above is (like Tuesday's ADAP) another from a time-lapse video by Alex Cherney of the Australia Telescope Compact Array. The Milky Way runs vertically through the centre of the image, with the Pointers (Alpha Centauri is bright white, Beta Centauri is blue-white) at the top and the Southern Cross lying on its side underneath. Five antennas of the ATCA are visible, in one of the telescope's more compact array configurations. The circle of light at the centre of each dish is the light from the vertex room visible through the semi-transparent radome cover. (As noted in yesterday's ADAP, the radome covers are almost completely transparent to radio waves, but are more opaque to visible light.) The vertex room lights aren't usually left on when the telescopes are in use, but were left on for Alex's photography session.

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