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7th of January 2020
A powerful outburst in the Galaxy Cluster SPT-CLJ0528-5300
by Calzadilla et al.
Calzadilla et al. have used the Chandra satellite to make an X-ray image of the galaxy cluster SPT-CLJ0528-5300, which harbors a very radio-loud central Active Galactic Nuclei. The X-ray images shows evidence of AGN-inflated cavities, which are consistent with the orientation of the jet direction revealed by ATCA radio data, suggesting the power of the radio jets has inflated bubbles in the hot intra-cluster medium. The outburst is among the most energetic known in the universe, demonstrating that such powerful outbursts can be detected even in shallow X-ray exposures out to relatively high redshifts, providing an avenue for studying the evolution of extreme AGN feedback. The image above shows ATCA 2 GHz radio image of with X-ray contours overlaid in white. The 5 GHz ATCA data are represented by red contours at 0.4, 1.7, and 3.1 mJy/beam,, while the 9 GHz data are represented by cyan contours at 0.5, 0.7, 1.0, and 1.3 mJy/beam. The dashed green ellipsoidal regions outline the X-ray cavities. The radio source is coincident with the centroid of the intra-cluster medium, and is elongated in the direction of the X-ray cavities. The ATCA beam sizes are shown in the bottom-left corner. More details are given in the paper, published in the Astrophysical Journal.

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