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16th of July 2020
CASDA update
The CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive (CASDA) is making data from Australia’s SKA Pathfinder (ASKAP) telescope available to the astronomical community. Raw data from the ASKAP observatory is processed by software custom-built by CSIRO (ASKAPsoft) into science ready images, cubes and catalogues. These data products are then made accessible by CASDA via a web UI (CSIRO Data Access Portal) and Virtual Observatory services. The CASDA team has been hard at work on new functionality and improvements and a new version of CASDA was released last week. Developments to CASDA in this release include: * Extended CASDA module for the Astroquery package of Astropy. * Integrated catalogue, image/cube and spectra upload for derived ("Level 7") data. * Primary images and cubes now highlighted in UI search, separated from ancillary pipeline products * Public web hosting of validation reports produced by the ASKAPSoft pipeline CASDA is a collaboration between CSIRO and the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre.

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