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18th of February 2020
The Stranger at the Dish
The first Australian science fiction TV series has been given a new lease of life. The Stranger enjoyed immediate popularity when first broadcast on the ABC in 1964, but has since faded into obscurity. However a team of dedicated film archivists has remastered the show for release on ABC iview. Producer and director Storry Walton recalled in an interview that he was astonished at the freedom the show was given to film at Australian landmarks. "For instance, we were given almost free reign on the then quite new Parkes radio telescope. For three days we virtually took it over and our cast fiddled with the actual controls in the command centre. And we had a chase sequence which was a chase across the open dish of the telescope, which they allowed us to lower to its lowest possible point so that our hero schoolboy could race down the open dish, sit on the rim and jump down on to the ground." The image above is taken from that scene. (Image credit: ABC)

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