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31st of July 2020
Navigation satellite passes close to an ASKAP beam
by Xiang Zhang
Navigation satellites are known to cause bursts of Radio Frequency Interference in some AKSAP observations, as they transmit in bands that lie in ASKAPs 700 -- 1800 MHz band. To evaluate the situation, we plotted the satellite passes within 10 degrees of an ASKAP beam during a 10-hour observation on 2019-09-25. The satellites shown here belong to four navigation constellations: GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and BEIDOU. The size of an ASKAP beam was set to 1.5 degree. As illustrated in the plot, three satellites entered the beam, leading to two bright RFI bursts in ASKAP observations (one of the satellites was decommissioned). This plot also shows that for multi-hour observations covering satellite band, it is difficult to find a schedule/pointing to fully avoid satellite RFI, because of the large the number of navigation satellites in orbit.

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