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4th of May 2021
Discovery of another Odd Radio Circle (ORC) with ASKAP
by B. Koribalski
Koribalski et al. (2021) present the discovery of ORC J0102-2450 with the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) at 944 MHz. The observed radio ring, which is not detected at any other wavelengths, has a diameter of ∼70 arcsec or 300 kpc, if associated with the central elliptical galaxy DES J010224.33–245039.5 (𝑧 ∼ 0.27). Interestingly, this is the third ORC with a galaxy situated in its geometrical centre, which brings us a step closer to understanding ORC formation scenarios (see the ORC discovery paper by Norris et al. 2021).

Considering the overall radio morphology (circular ring and core) and lack of ring emission at non-radio wavelengths, Koribalski et al. investigate if ORC J0102-2450 could be the relic lobe of a giant radio galaxy seen end-on or the result of a giant blast wave. They also explore possible interaction scenarios, for example, with the companion galaxy, DES J010226.15–245104.9, located in or projected onto the south-eastern part of the ring.

Reference: B.S. Koribalski, R.P. Norris, H. Andernach, L. Rudnick, S. Shabala, M. Filipovic and E. Lenc 2021, MNRAS Letters, in press (https://arxiv.org/abs/2104.13055).

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