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7th of June 2021
First ASKAP observations of the Galactic Plane
by Umana et al.
Umana et al. have reported the first radio observations toward the Galactic Plane using ASKAP. The region mapped includes the entire area of the Stellar Continuum Originating from Radio Physics In Ourgalaxy (SCORPIO) survey, one of the exploration projects of the EMU (Evolutionary Map of the Universe) Survey Science Program. The leader of the EMU project, Andrew Hopkins of Macquarie University, explains: “Even data taken at that early stage in the commissioning of ASKAP demonstrates its excellent sensitivity to extended radio emission. This is critical in enabling the detection of these important structures in the Milky Way, enabling new insights into the formation and evolution of its stars”.

The ASKAP image above shows the SCORPIO field at afrequency of 912 MHz. The mosaic covers a region of about 40 square degrees. The silhouette of the Galactic equator is defined by a series of compact sources and bright H II regions. Several Supernova Remnants are also visible. Some representative objects have been highlighted in the insets: clockwise, an SNR, a star-forming region with a Massive Young Stellar Object, another star-forming region, and a couple of SNRs. (Image credits: G. Umana/INAF)

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