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15th of March 2021
AusSRC Design Study Program
by Karen Lee-Waddell
Earlier this month, the Australian SKA Regional Centre (AusSRC) held its first ever full (in-person) team workshop. Although the AusSRC is in a fairly early stage of design and development, the assembled team of experts is already working together to build a computing infrastructure system that will support the current and next generation of radio telescopes.

The AusSRC will be part of a global computing and data delivery network of SKA Regional Centres (SRCs) that will enable ground breaking science by providing the connection between the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) and its science community. The massive sizes and sheer volume of SKA data products preclude the conventional practice of copying telescope data to a local desktop computer (or even an institutional computing cluster) and running analysis locally. SRCs will bring researchers to the data and will host all required analysis tools and software packages. Additionally, SRCs will develop and improve new tools and applications that will optimise the manner in which scientists work with “big data”. This photo, taken by Tony Ambaum, shows all members of the AusSRC Design Study Program.

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