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23rd of November 2021
Parkes site evaluation
The Parkes 64m telescope (Murriyang) was opened in 1961. In addition to debate in the 1950s about whether to build such a big single dish, there was consideration given to where it would be located. The requirements included the site needing to be far enough from Sydney that radio-frequency interference would be minimised, yet not so far that people could not travel from CSIRO Radiophysics (then located at the University of Sydney) to the telescope in under a day. The image above shows one such site evaluation trip. The car, bearing Commonwealth plates, is an FJ Holden. The FJ series, produced in Australia between 1953 and 1956, was the second model of an "all Australian car" produced by Holden. The image is courtesy of the McCready family -- Lindsay McCready was one of the pioneering radio astronomers involved with observations from Collaroy Plateau. (And thanks to Malcom Bennett for assistance with car identification.)

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