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26th of July 2021
ASKAP update for July
by Aidan Hotan
The ASKAP Update for July includes reports on the POSSUM team’s efforts to verify ASKAP’s off-axis polarisation leakage calibration method, the first images from the RACS mid-band survey and other recent updates. While preparing to process the RACS mid-band data, the first first RACS high-band test fields were observed at 1656 MHz earlier this month. The resulting images are very encouraging, with a Point Spread Function (PSF) of around 6 arcseconds and a sensitivity of ~150 μJy/beam. The image above shows a comparison of a RACS high-band test field at 1656 MHz (left) with the same field observed in RACS-low at 888 MHz (right). Obtaining high-quality images in the upper band is encouraging given that few comparable observations have been done in this configuration before. Although some satellite RFI is present, most of the band is usable. The gain in angular resolution by moving to a higher observing frequency is apparent. (Image credit: Emil Lenc)

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