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27th of April 2021
A polarization census of bright pulsars using the Parkes Ultra-Wideband receiver
by Sobey et al.
Sobey et al. present high signal-to-noise ratio, full polarization pulse profiles for 40 bright, ‘slowly’ rotating (non-recycled) pulsars using the new ultra-wideband low-frequency (UWL; 704–4032 MHz) receiver on the Parkes radio telescope. The picture highlights the high-quality, ultra-wide bandwidth polarization pulse profiles that we obtained for two example pulsars, PSRs J0742-2822 and J1721-3532, plus depolarization of PSR J1721-3532 towards low frequencies caused by interstellar scattering dominated by an HII region. This demonstrates results that can be obtained using UWL monitoring observations of slow pulsars, which are valuable for improving our understanding of pulsar emission and the intervening interstellar medium. The paper is available at: MNRAS, arXiv, and ADS. The calibrated data are publicly available as a collection on the CSIRO Data Access Portal

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