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29th of April 2021
Rain creates life's opportunities
CASS Head of WA Operations, Kevin Ferguson, will shortly leave this role to become Director of CDSCC. Kevin and colleagues visited the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory after the recent rains in the region. Kevin has provided the image above, and explains: "This was taken as we were driving back to Geraldton and stopped to watch the Murchison River flowing steadily over the roadways. I managed to snap one of the baby Perch trying to imitate a Salmon ... and that’s a fairly big leap the little fella is making; the words "I know I can, I know I can" immediately came to mind."

Perch are a migratory species which will move upstream when rivers flow. This is believed to be part of the behavior of adult fish to compensate for the inevitable downstream drift of eggs and larvae after spawning. Rains don't necessarily come often in the Murchison, so when they do you have to make the most of your opportunities!

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