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7th of November 2022
Inyarrimanha Ilgari Bundara -- sharing the sky and stars
An event was held on Saturday at the Murchison Settlement in Western Australia to celebrate the signing of the Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) with the Wajarri people and the Commonwealth government. During the event the Wajarri Yamaji announced the gift of a traditional name, suggested by Wajarri woman Shakira Whitehurst, for the expanded observatory site. The Wajarri name will be one part of a new dual, official name: Inyarrimanha Ilgari Bundara, the CSIRO Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory. Jennylyn Hamlett, WYAC Chairperson and Minangu Land Committee member, said the meaning of the Wajarri name for the observatory site is ‘sharing the sky and stars’. “We look at the sky every day, and we now have the opportunity to share our skies with the rest of the world. This Wajarri name connects our culture and language to what our Country is being used for,” Ms Hamlett said. The image above shows the Hon Dr Tony Buti, MLA, WA State Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, speaking at the Wajarri ILUA Celebration on 5 November 2022 (Credit: CSIRO)

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