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11th of February 2022
Fast Radio Burst localisations with ASKAP
by Bhandari et al.
Bhandari et al. present the localization and host galaxies of one repeating and two apparently non-repeating fast radio bursts (FRBs). FRB20191228A and FRB20200906A were detected and localized by ASKAP to host galaxies at z = 0.2430 and z = 0.3688, respectively. Bhandari et al. combine these with 13 other well-localized FRBs in the literature, and analyze the host galaxy properties. They find no significant differences in the host properties of repeating and apparently nonrepeating FRBs. The global properties of FRB hosts are indistinguishable from core-collapse supernovae and short gamma-ray bursts hosts, and the spatial offset (from galaxy centers) of FRBs is mostly inconsistent with that of the Galactic neutron star population (at the 95% confidence level).

The left-hand image above is the I-band VLT/FORS2 images of the host of FRB20200906A, overplotted with the positions of each FRB. The white solid and dashed circle/ellipse represent the 1σ statistical and systematic uncertainty, respectively, in the FRB position. The right-hand image is the pulse profile and dynamic spectra for FRB20200906A. The FRB signals are dedispersed at the S/N maximized Dispersion Measure of 577.8 pc/cm^3. The paper has been published in the Astronomical Journal.

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