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15th of March 2022
The shell-less Supernova Remnant B0532-67.5
by Li et al.
Li et al. have used archival ASKAP data to study the Supernova Remnant SNR B0532-67.5 in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC). SNR B0532-67.5 was first reported by Mathewson et al. in 1985, who noted the absence of an associated optical shell structure, despite the presence of nonthermal radio emission and X-ray source. The association of young, bright OB stars, LH75, or NGC 2011, is projected within the boundary of this SNR. Li et al. use optical photometric data to determine a 20--25 Myr population in LH75 and a younger population, less than 10 Myr old, to the southwest of LH75. They conclude that the SN progenitor was probably a member of LH75 with an initial mass of about 15 solar masses. The SN probably exploded in an H I cavity excavated by the energy feedback of LH75, with the low density of the ambient medium prohibiting the formation of a visible nebular shell. The figures above show the ASKAP 888 MHz data, overplotted with ASKAP contours (left) and contours of a XMM smoothed X-ray image (right) showing a general consistency between X-ray and radio images. The paper has been published in the Astronomical Journal.

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