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16th of December 2022
New ASKAP Supernova Remnant Candidates in the Large Magellanic Cloud
by Bozzetto et al.
Bozzetto et al. present a new ASKAP sample of 14 radio supernova remnants (SNR) candidates in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC). This new sample is a significant increase to the known number of older, larger, and low surface brightness LMC SNRs. A multi-frequency study was made for each object and possible traces of optical and occasionally X-ray emission found in several of the candidates. The plot above shows the distribution of the diameters of the 14 new LMC SNR candidate (orange) added to the 71 previously known SNRs (blue). A diameter of 50 parsecs corresponds to just over 160 light years. The diameter of the Earth's orbit is 16.6 light minutes, and the diameter of Pluto's orbit is about 11 light hours, and the nearest star to our Sun is about 4.4 light years away -- putting the size of these supernova remnants into perspective!

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