A T N F    D a i l y    A s t r o n o m y    P i c t u r e

19th of October 2022
ATNF Colloquium
ASKAP WALLABY : dwarf galaxies in the Local Universe
Bi-Qing For (UWA)
Abstract: Low-mass, or dwarf, galaxies are the primary source of ionising photons during the epoch of reionisation and they are the building blocks of galaxies in the early Universe. Thus, they play an important role as the strongest test for the standard Cold Dark Matter model on the smallest scale. In this talk, I will present the results and goals of two ongoing dwarf galaxies-related projects that utilise ASKAP WALLABY data in conjunction with other legacy multiwavelength data. The two main studies are (1) probing role of galaxy interactions in quenching at low-mass end and (2) probing the formation mechanisms of low-surface brightness 'dwarf' galaxies (ultra-diffuse galaxies) from the HI perspective.

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