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20th of September 2022
A pilot ASKAP survey for radio transients towards the Galactic Centre
by Z. Wang et al.
Wang et al. present the results of a radio transient and polarisation survey towards the Galactic Centre, conducted as part of the ASKAP Variables and Slow Transients (VAST) pilot survey. The survey region consisted of five fields, all within 10 degrees of the Galactic Plane. Each field was observed for 12 minutes, with between 7 and 9 repeats on cadences of between one day and four months. Eight highly variable sources and seven highly circularly-polarised sources (14 unique sources in total) were detected. Seven of these sources are known pulsars including the rotating radio transient PSR J1739–2521 and the eclipsing pulsar PSR J1723–2837. One of them is a low mass X-ray binary, 4U 1758–25. Three of them are coincident with optical or infrared sources and are likely to be stars. The remaining three may be related to the class of Galactic Centre Radio Transients (including a highly likely one, VAST J173608.2–321634, that has been reported previously), although this class is not yet understood. In the coming years, ~40 bursts from this kind of source can be expected to be detected with the proposed four-year VAST survey if the distribution of the source is isotropic over the Galactic fields. The image above is a mosaicked image of the RACS-low Low Galactic Latitude region. The white dashed line shows the boundary of VAST Low Galactic Latitude region. A grid of Galactic coordinates is shown in grey dashed lines. The transient and circularly polarised (Stokes V) sources found are shown as orange circles and magenta hollow circles, respectively.

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