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22nd of November 2022
WALLABY Pilot Survey Data Release
The first data release of WALLABY ASKAP Pilot Survey data was made last week. WALLABY (the Widefield ASKAP L-band Legacy All-sky Blind surveY) observed fields covering 180 square degrees of sky in the Pilot Survey observations, detecting nearly 600 galaxies, many of which are new discoveries having not previously been catalogued at any other waveband. Over the course of the full survey a quarter of a million galaxies are expected to be catalogued, helping researchers measure the dark-matter distribution, internal motion of galaxies, and how these systems evolve and interact. The image above shows the neutral hydrogen distribution in NGC 3137, an intermediate spiral galaxy in the constellation Antlia, 50 million light years away. A three-dimensional view of the galaxy is available from www.icrar.org/first-wallaby. The paper accompanying the first data release is published in Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia. (Image credit: Tobias Westmeier/ICRAR)

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