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24th of March 2022
MeerKAT follow-up of an ASKAP ORC
Odd Radio Circles, or ORCs, have been pulled into sharp focus by an international team of astronomers. First revealed by the ASKAP radio telescope, ORCs quickly became objects of fascination. Theories on what caused them ranged from galactic shockwaves to the throats of wormholes. A new detailed image, captured by the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory’s MeerKAT radio telescope and published this week in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, is providing researchers with more information to help narrow down those theories. The image above shows the MeerKAT radio image superimposed on the DES (Dark Energy Survey) optical image. An article in The Conversation by Ray Norris provides more detail on the image. (Image credit: J. English (U. Manitoba)/EMU/MeerKAT/DES(CTIO)))

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