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25th of October 2022
The Parkes CryoPAF
The image above shows the cryoPAF (cryogenically cooled Phased Array Feed) viewed from above. ( A previous ADAP showed the view from the underside.) Whereas the ASKAP Phased Array Feed elements lie on a flat plane, the cryoPAF elements are three-dimensional, giving the nickname of the "rocket" PAF. The cryoPAF has 98 dual linearly-polarised elements, signals from which can be combined to form a maximum of 72 beams. The rockets and their LNAs (low noise amplifiers) are all crygogenically cooled to reduce noise and increase sensitivity. The whole cryoPAF can track in parllactic angle, i.e., the package rotates as the altitude-azimuth telescope tracks celestial sources, keeping the bem footprint and polarisation orientation fixed on the sky. The cryoPAF will provide a field of view of almost 2 square degrees, with lower sensitivity toward the edges, and so an effective field of view of closer to one square degree when mosiacking larger areas of sky. (Image credit: Steve Barker)

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